Video Introductions to Each Chapter of On Being a Writer – Especially for Groups!

BecauseĀ On Being a Writer started out as a workshop, Ann and Charity hope that many people will read the book together with other writers, maybe in a workshop or a writing group.

As a way to help groups prepare for discussing this book, we have filmed 13 short (2-3 minutes) video introductions (one for each chapter, including an introduction to the introduction). While these videos can be viewed by anyone, we hope groups particularly will take advantage of the additional material.

As you watch the videos, let us know what you think by connecting with us over on our Facebook page! Also, if you are planning to read On Being a Writer with your group, let us know by using the links at the bottom of our Media Kit page. We have a few moreĀ surprises up our sleeves just for groups!